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Jarue vs Marcus is like TnH vs Tanaka/Yohei. They’re supposed to be the same but one is just better!
Can’t watch any BBall as the boss wants me to watch the Grammys with her😅. Trevor Noah should host every Award ceremony. No more Jokoy tragedies.
Dubs and Lakers at the trade deadline
Blaming Spider-Man GIF
Ya trading dlo for dejounte Murray straight up would be fine but that’s about all I’d be willing to do there. Maybe for Bruce brown I would’ve been a little more willing to move future picks/assets but it feels like nothing we could’ve done would have materially made us much better without sacrificing future flexibility.
I was seriously hoping for some trade deadline magic like last year but nada. I would have traded Rozier for dLo. Nothing. Wasting opportunities with an aging LeBron is just not smart.
Denver, sheesh. So many weapons. This AD conundrum against Jokic. Latter is just an inch taller, can’t dunk, but outplays a very athletic and skilled big all the time. 🤷🏻‍♂️
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