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May 17, 2011
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Hi all, I've just recently caught the bug of knives, more specifically J-knives.

A little back story:
I started cooking at home when I was about 18-19 at college. Couple of my friends joined a 'cooking club' and it was a great way to try new food and really opened my eyes. Ever since then I've been seriously interested.
In June 2010 I got laid off (Car Biz) and thought I'd give pro kitchens a shot. First place I walked in to apply at, I ended up leaving with a job. It had no 'chef', inexperienced owners and a tiny galley of a kitchen. From June to Feb. and a series of events I ended up leaving to go a much busier, all around better place, unfortunately still no 'chef'. Things are starting to get rough...

On to knives... I was given a set of Berghoff knives with a knife roll (~$75 for 9 pieces) by my parents. I immediately knew they were junk, so I went to my local kitchen store and bought the sharpening stones they had... Arkansas stones.

Got fed up and bought a Hattori HD from JCK in Jan this year, I loved it at first and it hooked me in. Haven't had any issues with chipping but I knocked it off the line one day and the tip got seriously bent - I've got all but the tiniest bend straightened out.

Also just bought a Hiro Shiki tsuchime damascus Santoku from JCK. Impulse buy:razz:, its pretty and works alright but I haven't been able to get an edge on it like the Hattori will take. The FnF is flawless on it though and it really is a beautiful piece.

I feel like I'm going to be purchasing some carbon knives soon and I need to buy some knives more suited for pro use. Also seem that the JCK Inuzama seem to be a good deal/value that I wouldn't feel bad about ordering a suji - get to try my first Wa handle that way!

I'll stop rambling, its late.

Thanks for all the great info and the awesome community you guys (and gals?) have here! I hope I can contribute positively in some manner.



GoogleFu San
Feb 28, 2011
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Welcome Kyle
and some times you have to push through time in a kitchen like that . when you learned just about every thing you can and cant move up any more time to try a new place.