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John Loftis

Professional Craftsman
Apr 6, 2012
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Posting here to give KKF members first shot at these before I upload them to the website.
First up is a mosaic board, 15 X 15 1/2" X 2". Blocks are mostly cherry, walnut, and maple with a hint of paduak and purpleheart as well. Maple feet will be installed unless otherwise requested. $348.75 plus shipping.

Next up is the blonde bombshell... The more I look at this board, the more I like it. Mosaic board pattern entirely in maple. Subtle, nuanced, complex. $380.25 plus shipping (if someone can tell me how to rotate pictures on this forum, I'll give you a $10 discount).

Next is a 'second.' Very pretty cherry 18 X 24 X 2 butcher block with a groove (feet already installed). This was too heavy for the elderly customer who purchased it, so he returned it. It weighs approximately 19 lbs. Knocking $50 off normal price, selling for $316.50 plus shipping.

Last is another second. This is a nice 18 X 24 X 2 border board, that had a defect in a single block towards the corner. I filled that defect with black resin... about the size of my index fingernail. Knocking $50 off the normal price. $291.45 plus shipping.

Working feverishly on more/different styles of mosaic boards and other one-offs. Still have a number of other seconds available.

please email me if you are interested in any of these. theboardsmith1@gmail.com .

daddy yo yo

Senior Member
May 1, 2012
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That blonde bombshell would be so my thing! I wish shipping to Europe was cheaper and I wish there was no customs...