New kashima line from cleancut, rs-60 steel?

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Aug 9, 2017
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Here's the blurb from cleancut translated

Kashima RS-60 is a series of knives with really nice features that are manufactured in the Japanese knife town Seki City. The knives are thin and light and are comfortable in the hand thanks to the octagonal shaft of walnut. The steel in the blades is called RS-60, which is a stainless steel single steel steel hardened to 60 HRC. In other words, it is a very hard steel that holds sharp sharpness while it is easy to tighten. Thanks to the very thin blade, this is a knife that shines very well as the soft shapes make the knife comfortable to work with.
The XX-60 refers the hardness. Most steels have a range of usable hardnesses so its rare to see a steel trademark linked to a single application/use case. To me this suggests its a proprietary steel or a commonly available steel simply masked with a trade name for this specific application.


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Jan 11, 2018
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its supposedly the same as the kanehide "ps60" and that one is hitachi gin5

which is just a copycat of sandvik 13c26 which is just a copy of uddeholm aeb-l.

it has no carbide formers except cr so the abrasive wear resistance is as low as it will get for a stainless. adhesive wear should be good though. tough steel, fine grained, easy to sharpen, should take a fine edge that it holds for like 2 minutes or so.

Personally not a fan of this family of steels since i feel the edges don't last very long and they're not that easy to sharpen compared to carbon. aus-8 is better imo. vg10 too.