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SOLD Origin Handcrafted Knives

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Nov 23, 2020
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All of these are brand new and of extremely high quality. From the handles made of locally sourced woods to the blades that are hand forged high carbon steel. Absolute lasers. I personally have a few Origin that I use on a daily basis but these ones have never been used. Due to my work I need 240mm plus.

80mm Pairing Knife price lowered to 75 usd, 100 cdn (was 100 USD, 125 Canadian)
61 Grams

tempImageZKpsKY.png tempImageanlQbZ.png

200mm Purple Handle Gyuto price lowered to 175 usd or 225 cdn ( was 225 USD, 280 Canadian)
147 Grams

tempImage5wQcY9.png tempImagealOpLv.png

tempImagehQK692.png tempImage9Dc6o0.png

The pair can be had for 225 USD or 275 Canadian

All prices include shipping to USA or Canada. The knives are located in Canada. Payment can be made via PayPal or I can invoice and a credit card can be used if so desired.
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