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SOLD Otsuka Hamono Blue 1 215mm Sujihiki

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Aug 29, 2018
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Bought for $240

Blue 1 clad in iron
Wild Sakura branch handle
Cocoro x Otsuka Hamono x Knife Japan

215 mm heel to tip
40mm tall
5mm handle
3.5mm heel
2.1 mm midway
1.1mm at 1cm behind tip

Crispest edge I've had in a good while. good refinement but not the absolute most refined. So it doesn't tug into hair and splits them it just cuts them. Resembles white steel in edge taking. . . Very close to shiraki white but crisper somehow, and slightly harder feeling, with less gumminess (I felt a slight gumminess on an old shiraki gyuto I had). Knife takes bends easily at the tip though, but steel is still hard enough to skate a file when I tested at choil and spine. Knife is not floppy like a takeda though. On the stones it feels like white steel as well but not gummy or soft like some oil quench SK steel I've had, so distinctly harder than that. A good bit harder than ashi Hamono carbon for sure.

Right side has distinct shinogi and left side is eased. Slight righty bias but stones can take care of that. Overgrind on left side near heel and low spot near tip. On right side, low spot all along the cladding line, deeper low spot 1/3 toward tip, and at heel. Came with a concave grind that I took to a 400 grit stone, then 3k. Recurve at tip came stock, and slight recurve at the 1/4 mark. Knife is straight. Grind is really good with taper and cuts through potatoes well, and slips into them. Overall cutting feel from the steel and grind is one of the best I've had.

Handle is probably my favorite handle I've used, and the comfiest and most controllable. Imagine burnt chesnut but more textured. The hook at the end actually is the right size and works. I thought it would bother me but it actually is a net positive. There are facets at the front and back, and again, I though the back facets would be weird but it's more comfortable than regular western handles, and gives me more control. It fits into the thumb area near the wrist. The handle is assumetrical such that the left side is flatter, and the right side protrudes more, kinda like a D shape handle.

Otsuka Hamono is based in Totorri and has a one year wait unless it's a finished knife. Otsuka called this a gyuto but really it's a Sujihiki in height.

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