Prepartion for autumn-winter menu: Salad

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Apr 12, 2011
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Salad with artichoke hearts, jerusalam artichokes, pears, dried tomatoes and rocket salad with walnut dressing and hot foccacia

Artichokes: peel them the way u want, I do it this way: I rip away all the leaves until the colour on them changes to purple.
From the top I see then the heart.
I do one hollow round cut from the bottom taking all the leaves and hair out at once. I drop it in lemon water quickly, take it out and peel the top this time one nice round convex cut. Clean the sides and there is your heart.
[the inner leaves I cook for myself with butter touch of vinegar chives and shaved parmesan]
Boil it in water withsalt, lemon, butter and clove or two. Boiled a la minute just before serving. 4 hearts per portion.

jerusalam artichokes:
I wash them with truffle brush.
roast on small deep tray with rock salt, garlic, rosemary.
Before serving heat up, split in halves lengthwise and add to artichokes.
One nice one per portion.

Peel, halve, dip cut side in sugar.
Spread butter in pan. Place pear halves flat at the bottom. Just like for "tatin".
Fry on the fast gas first, then roast in the oven.
Youre aiming at nice golden brown caramelised crust on the pear. Bit of crunch in texture.
Two halves per portion. heat lightly before serving.

Dried tomatoes:
Cut plum toms lengthwise the way to have seeds out.
place on the rack flat side up.
Brush with olive oil, sprinkle with sugar and salt, chop some herbs you have and throw at each one. I like to use oregano or thyme.
Dry in the oven or hotbox at 65 for ~36 hours? You have to find your own way

Walnut dressing:
Fry the walnuts in enough oil to cover them until nice golden brown in colour. Cool down quickly. Dont freaking burn it!! :mad3:
Reduce orange juice, white wine vinegar, sugar til almost syrup.
Blend crap out of walnuts with the oil together, then pass it through fine sieve. Add enough olive oil to equal the vinegar.
Emulsify them together and season to taste.

bread flour, half of it amount of warm water. Keep little water on the side for yeast.
Mix it together and let gluten work itself for half hour.
fresh yeast 20grams, salt, sugar, rosemary and minced garlic inside.
Let the yeast arise and when flour ready mix together gently. At the end add olive oil and work out by hand little more. Let rise once.
Form a balls and let rise again.
Form kind of pizza shaped flat bread. Sprinkle heavily with seasalt black olives and rosemary.
Bake and after drip olive oil on it.

To finish salad: mix artichokes with toms, pears and dressing, season and place in the thing youre going to serve it with. In the same bowl you used for salad mix rocket with dressing. Shape and place on top of rest.
Serve with freshly baked flatbread.