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SOLD PRICE DROP - Birch & Bevel Apex Ultra 230mm (Isasmedjan x Tobias Hangler)

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Jan 15, 2023
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Selling this perfect all-around gyuto from Isasmedjan under the Birch & Bevel brand, to be able to fund a custom from Jonas with similiar specs. This knife was bought in November 2022 and is no longer available from Birch and Bevel as they have changed the design. The logo was slightly faded from box and I touched it up with metal paint. Used as a solid secondary driver since then and sharpened once on 3000/8000.

Steel: Wrought Clad Apex Ultra
Heel Height: 52mm
Edge Length: 230mm
Thickness of Spine at Heel/Mid/Tip: 3.5/1.9/1.1
Weight: 180g
Handle: Oak, Birchbark, Brass
Aksing price: 500 475 450 400 EUR shipped EU (450 EUR shipped wordwide)

IMG-2869.JPG IMG-2870.JPG IMG-2871.JPG IMG-2873.JPG IMG-2874.JPG
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