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SOLD Price Drop Tadafusa Nashiji 165mm Nakiri, new in box

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Aug 13, 2016
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sold For sale is a new in box, unused, unsharpened Tadafusa 165mm Nakiri.

Asking $100 $80 plus shipping. Sold

blade length: 165mm
thickness at spine 2.8mm

Blue steel #2
Magnolia wood handle

I will ship via UPS or USPS ground to the Continental USA only.

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Price reduced:

new in box, unused, unsharpened Tadafusa 165mm Nakiri asking $80 plus shipping
I have one of these. It was my first Japanese knife. You can do a lot worse for the money. Good steel & HT...nice distal taper...I have other knives I use more now, but IMO this is an excellent value for the money. Good luck finding this one a new home!
These tadafusa nashiji line have some of the best blue steel you can get for the money. I haven’t owned one but I sharpen several often for co workers. Nice consistent blades with good grinds and straight spines.