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SOLD Price Drops! Kono HD2 & GS+, Tanaka x Kyuzo, Yoake, Y. Tanaka, Nakagawa Dammy Gyutos

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Sep 2, 2022
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Florida, USA
Buy my gyutos so I can buy more gyutos!! Part II

Same as before, I bought a lot of knives the past year and need to let some go. So please buy my gyutos so I can buy more gyutos! Prices include shipping CONUS (International I will cover first $15). Let me know you have any questions. Thanks for looking!

Konosuke HD2 210mm Gyutno $400 (includes saya) $370 SOLD
Condition: NIB
Measurements: 200 x 48mm
Handle: octagonal ebony and marbled buffalo horn ferrule. Ferrule is interesting, looks like trapped smoke.
Saya: Yes
Weight: 160g
Bought from Coutelier for $450

Konosuke GS+ 240mm Gyuto $200 $175SOLD
GS+ semi-stainless with stainless cladding
Measurements: 232 x 50mm
Condition: Unsharpened, used for 1 home prep, and I lightly polished the choil because it was a bit sharp out of the box
Handle: Octagonal Khii Chestnut
Weight: 128g
Bought from CKTG for $230

Hitohira Tanaka x Kyuzo Aogami #1 240 mm Gyuto $625 SOLD
Measurements:227 x 50mm
Condition: Used for 2-3 meal preps at home, lightly touched up once ( on SG2K). I have the extra tall version of this, so letting this one go. Has some cool dark patina.
Cladding: Stainless
Handle: Ziricote with black horn ferrule
Weight: 194g
Bought from Bernal for $660

Hatsukokoro Yoake Migaki 240mm Blue #1 Gyuto $200. SOLD
Measurements: 245 x 56mm
Condition: Nearly new, did test cuts on a potato
Have the kurouchi k-tip which I decided to keep because it’s a bit different. Both are great cutters.
Cladding: Iron
Handle: Ebony and beautiful marble horn
Weight: 271g
Bought from Honebutcher for $231 (with holiday discount)

Miura Idataki Series (Y. Tanaka) White #2 Sou-bokashi 240mm $200 $175 SOLD
Measurements: 222 x 50
I bought this before I was able to find another knife by Y. Tanaka, but then I was able to find a Konosuke FM the same day, so this was largely ignored.
Condition: Nearly new. I did test cuts on a potato, Unsharpened, still has shipping lacquer
Cladding: Iron, Warikomi
Finish: Sou-bokashi I was told translates to blur finish
Handle: Oak wood handle
Blacksmith: Yoshikazu Tanaka
Sharpener: Shotaro Nomura (Miura confirmed this)
Grind: Convex
Weight: 179g
Bought from Miura Knives for $277
Images to follow...

Nakagawa Blue #1 Damascus 240mm $525 $500. WITHDRAWN

Measurements: 230 x 49mm
Condition: NIB
Handle: Ebony, beautiful marble horn
Blacksmith: Nakagawa
Sharpener: ?? Might be Myojin? I was not able to confirm this with the vendor myself. Seems like it could be when I compare it to other Myojins that I have (I have 7 others)
Weight: 214g
Originally bought from ************** for $570
Images to follow...
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Sep 2, 2022
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Florida, USA
Only got 1 210?
In my other sale I have more: