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WTS Price Drops! Reduction Part 2 (Nakagawa, Mazaki, Tojiro, Kochi, Hatsukokoro, Sakai Takayuki)

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Dec 18, 2019
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Washington DC
It is once again time for another reduction of knives that have either not been getting the use/attention they deserve or even used at all!

Hatsukokoro Ginyo Silver 3 150mm - Picked this knife up as a quick go to for small meal prep at home as it has a great tall profile, unfortunately I never got around to employing its use. Beautiful knife BNIB. Edge has not been sharpened or touched. $225 Sold!

Nakagawa Silver 3 150mm - This one has a beautiful maple and turquoise handle installed. This knife has seen a few test cuts but looks completely new. Edge has not been sharpened or touched. $205 $195 $175 SOLD!

Sakai Takayuki Stainless Clad Aogami Super 150mm - Received this as a gift but have not used it and it has not left the box except for taking photos for this listing. $135 $125 $100
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Kochi Petty 210mm - Picked this up from another member a little while back. Honestly a great knife that I wouldn’t mind keeping, its just doesn’t get used as much as id like. $225 WITHDRAWN
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Tojiro Deba Aogami Damascus 165mm - Bought this from District Cutlery back in 2015. The blade ended up with a chip some time later and the chip was ground out by them a few years later. $275 $250 $225 SOLD!
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Nakagawa Aogami 1 Damascus 210mm - I certainly was not planning on letting this one go but I was able to snag one in 240mm a short time after (my preferred length) so this has not been getting any love/use and deserves a new home! - $375 SOLD
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Mazaki BBQ 210mm - Ah yes the mystical BBQ! To be honest, if this was a 240, it wouldn’t be leaving my hands but being a 210, it just doesn’t get used. Comes with a nice black fitted saya - $295 $275
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Mazaki Shirogami 2 Nashiji 240mm - I had a goal of getting down to 1 gyuto and 1 petty from Mazaki. I have a hon-sanmai and a 180mm petty from this same line which I absolutely love so sadly, this one is up on the chopping block. Really great grind and feel in the hand as to be expected by a Mazaki. Sadly, it has largely sat in its box since purchasing. I know I will regret letting this one go but it has to go! - $280 $265 $250 SOLD!!
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Please reach out with any questions!


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Can I ask for my education what a BBQ maz is relative to a normal maz?
So as I understood it, these knives were hardened using a special charcoal in the heat treatment which results in a harder blade vs the standard heat treat.

What I can say for sure, is that the knife holds a ridiculous edge and is a pleasure to use
The Mazaki Nashiji is SOLD and on its way to its new home!

Happy 4th of July KKF! I would love to make a few more deals over the holiday and find these knives some new homes!