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SOLD Project Knife: Well-used TF 210 Denka

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Nov 5, 2016
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I got this knife about 2 months ago in the exact condition that it's in now. Original plan was to re-work it, but it's geometry doesn't fit my stye. I realized I like knives with a lot of belly and actually prefer K-Tips and Nakiris. This isn't that, so I'm not getting started with it. I got it from the original owner who bought it from japanische-kochmesser.ch.

It has many scratches, heel and tip also aren't in good condition, KU finish is partially removed.

I believe it has more signs of, say... well-intentioned sharpening, polishing and retouching efforts than actually cutting. My assumption is that it hasn't lost more than a mm of it's original cutting edge, probably less. It has been polished, but some of the original scratch marks from the factory process are still visible, so it hasn't been thinned and has the original blade shape.

It has the upgraded ebony handle, which is quite nice imho. It hasn't lost much height and has a lot of life left in it. I would have kept it if it weren't too slim for my taste and if I hadn't just bough a Honyaki :)

I paid 365€ shipped for it, looking to get 350€. Included in this amount is the first 15€ of shipping, which I'll pay. Knife is in Germany.
Please ask with any questions or if you want more pictures.

Weight: 168 grams, height at the heel is 49mm, handle to tip is 222mm, cutting edge length 211mm.

I think that if you're willing and able to put some work into this, you can get a nice Denka for half of what they cost new. But this really does need the work, so don't buy if if you're new to knives and don't know where to start with it.










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Too many project knives, too little time. This one doesn't even look too bad other than the scuffs along the blade. Judging from the consistency along the cladding line, the condition of the knife itself looks quite decent. If I had the time I'd definitely jump on this.
Good buy... geometry seems pretty "examplary" on this one. Would love to work on it full blade Kasumi style.