Traded Raquin Nakiri 165x63mm and Halcyon Forge 235x52mm gyuto FS or Trade knives spoken for

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Matt Zilliox

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Jan 20, 2020
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grants pass oregon
Hey Guys,

Couple of great knives from great makers, but I cant cut with em all. Both purchased direct from the maker in the last 6 months. Full disclosure, both have been polished by me on Jnats, and used by me to make food, mainly dinner, sometimes other meals too. The pictures are current, I can do a different polish if you prefer on the HF, but this is kinda bling bling and will patina well. You can see another cool pic of the HF in the uchi polishing thread, i cant seem to find it to link here at the moment.
The Nakiri was used very little, I just rarely reach for a nakiri over my cleaver or smaller gyuto... who knows, sharp fella though. itll cut your beard... or paper towels, if you are into that kinda thing.

I'm curious about trades mainly, I think most people interested will know the rough value of these, but lets say Raquin 650ish and HF 700 ish, give or take, n stuff.
Looking for a Comet? Yanick Puig? Shihan? The9nine? Kamon? Something else with cool wide bevels to polish? whatcha got to trade? maybe an heirloom suita or uchi? who knows...
blades for sale.jpg

HF and Raquin full.jpg

raquin HF.jpg

Raquin Nakiri: all specs are here on the makers page.

Halcyon Forge specs here:

happy to answer other questions, happy to discus trades etc. I may sit for 3 days and see what comes up, unless something jumps out to me right away...
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Feb 6, 2020
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Wow two beauties. I have seen videos of both of these. The pictures don’t do them justice. The Halcyon polish job looks incredible and the Raquin nakiri besides being hardcore knife porn is a cutter.

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