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SOLD Raquin + Oblivion Blades + Bonus

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May 10, 2017
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San Francisco

I'd like to sell these two knives as a pair as they are nicely packed together and ready to ship.
These were supposed to be mailed to a friend overseas, but postage/duty/insurance proved prohibitive so they're just sitting in their box.
These are nice knives that I just haven't used since I moved back to SF couple of years ago.

I would like to get $750 for both knives shipped CONUS only.

I'll throw in a pair of @daveb's favorite Rosle 9" tongs, with instructions...bonus!

The knives:

Bryan Raquin gyuto ($500)
145SC core with XC10 cladding.
Made around April 2017.
Used but in really good condition.
190mm x 49mm

I lent this to @ian last year to try.
He gave it a nice full wide bevel sharpening.
I don't recall using it after I got it back other than a few test cuts.
These were his comments on the knife, which best represent the current condition:

I basically gave it a full wide bevel sharpening, but cut in a standard bevel at the end after I saw a couple microchips in use when it was near zero grind. Took care of some, but not all by any means, of the low spots on the bevel. There are still a few there, but it's even enough to take a sort of reasonable kasumi. (Finished on a not so fine uchimugori.)
I really like this style of knife, actually. The sort of "forged, but with a not-too-wide wide bevel" style, that is. Catcheside does this style as well as anyone I know, too. Makes maintenance easy, since the narrowness means you can keep the wide bevel pretty flat without it becoming a stick monster.
This one's still not the thinnest behind the edge in the world, so it wouldn't be my dedicated carrot knife, but it performs well. Didn't want to screw with raising the shinogi line or anything, which would be necessary to really make it thin behind the edge.


Original IG post from Bryan:

Next up is the Oblivion Blades gyuto. ($250)
Hitachi Blue 2 core with nickel and 1020 san mai cladding.
Billet forged up by Jezz.
Handle is dyed Tassie Oak + coffee lid spacer + dyed burl with a brass finial.
Includes a custom san mai saya with pin.
Made March 2020.
Lightly used and only sharpened once by previous owner.
205mm x 51mm
This is a stunning knife and Jezz's blades cost a lot more now.

Original IG post from Jezz:
Screen Shot 2022-01-23 at 5.59.24 PM.png

These are the two knives and tongs boxed up and ready to go...

Please message me with any questions or if you really want to break up the pair...
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May 21, 2018
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That didn’t take long! I happened to be on when it posted, and had to use all my restraint to not pull the trigger. But two really nice blades at a great price. Enjoy!