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Mar 14, 2011
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I have a Kanemasa suji that is pretty beat up with scratches, ugly patina (tried to force it before I knew what I was doing then gave up and just used it) and now it's got some surface rust. Barkeepers Friend isn't really touching the patina at this point, so I think I need to go with something more abrasive. What do you guys recommend just to give me a smooth, clean blade that I can start over on? I'm not looking for a mirror finish or even factory perfect, I'd just like to clean it up to good enough and start over.

I don't really have any equipment other than a bench grinder and don't really feel like investing any money into equipment. I'm thinking maybe 600 grit sandpaper might do the trick, but I'm not sure if there are any brands/types I should look for or avoid.

Thanks for any help you can provide this newbie.
wet & dry sand paper will do the job.
start 400 and then 600, if 400 does not remove all scratches fast enough, drop down to 220.
As lubricant you can use water, or WD40, I prefer WD-40.
If you wrap the paper around a block of hard wood ( I use brass ) you can apply even pressure over a wider surface.
to add to this i have a stick that is plain hardwood and on one side i have a old leather belt

the hard work can be dont on the wood side and the leather softens and blends things a bit for the finish strokes
I use the same thing as well, use it for the final grits, one direction strokes, no nasty little J hooks from changing directions...
Thanks for all of the information, it is truly appreciated!
I like to use kerosene for the wet in wet sanding metal. I keep it in an old hot sauce bottle and just shake out what I need- Works pretty well.