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Wonderful knife, Pierre. I love the profiled handle and the mokume. It all plays perfectly together with the beautiful blade. Well done!

A customer was looking for something different for his dad for fathers day, this is what we came up with.

CPM154 fillet knife 14" OAL, stainless bolsters, and some nice mammoth tooth scales.

Wow!!! Great stuff, AGAIN!
And...Nooooo, my mammoth tooth!!! ;)
I was worried you cut the block into scales! Phewwf!
handle design, material, and color contrast selections are very nice indeed! :thumbsup:
Boy do I love me some mammoth tooth.....Great work.
I love the look of that mammoth molar. That is the perfect application of it, i think. It definately looks best when the whole handle is mammoth, like on this fillet knife. I believe it is to "special" or prominent to use as inlays with other materials or bolster material.

I've seen some pretty boring mammoth tooth, but the samples I've seen pierre use have all been great.
This knife makes me really impatient! Haha
Just kidding, take your time and keep doing what you're doing, Pierre!
How much more mammoth you got Pierre?

I assume if you run out, being in Canada and all, you can just go in your backyard and slay another one. :razz:
That's basically the case up here. Mammoths run around like they own the place! The worst is when you catch one pushing your garbage bins around, trying to find some food scraps. :D
But, to be honest, we are the leading supplier of mammoth ivory, in the world. Most of it is purchased by Russians, but we get to keep the odd piece.

I know this is REALLY late, but I'm still lusting after this gyuto/chef knife. To me, it's the perfect balance of great profile, geometry (according to the measurements), and elegance.
As I said, it's after the fact but, this is some really beautiful work!
270mm sujihiki Heimskringla pattern, a variation on a traditional twist. HRC 61

Copper bolsters, with a slanted front face.

Black and white vulcanized fiber spacers, mosaic pins, and desert ironwood scales

This blade is thin behind the edge, between 5 and 7 thousandths of an inch.

Ballance point is near the heel.




very nice indeed. I like the slanted bolsters and the black and white spacers are a real nice touch
That suji is a stunner! It seems like you are in the zone, now, Pierre. Not able to do aything wrong at all. Stay there!! :D

How are you finding the O1 in terms of reactivity and keeness? Retention would be very good based on the type of steel, but go ahead and comment on that too! ;)
I've only used it on cooked meat, and it's developed a nice layered patina. I have never noticed any discoloration on the food, or staining on the blade.

I'm still using the edge Pierre put on it, as it has no trouble dismantling whatever roasts I throw in its path. This past weekend it was a roasted pork shoulder. The slices were pretty effortless. It's tackled some rib roasts, pork shoulders, pork loins and a turkey. Some roasts had a nice crust, and others presented only soft surfaces to the edge.

I'll be snapping a few pics of Del passaround knife tonight/ tomorrow, so I'll shoot a couple of the suji.
This was my first time looking through your knives.
WOW! You make beautiful knives.
I will be checking back here real often.
Here is the finished piece.
150 Petty, O1, 15N20, 1084, with a couple pure nickel foil layers for contrast
hybrid handle, copper/nickel/silver bolsters, 2 nickel/silver pins, and a centre mosaic
Spalted maple burl handle (stabilized)


80mm parer Damasteel, hand rubbed
Stainless bolsters and pins, stabilized maple burl handle