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SOLD Ryusen Blazen SG2 western set: gyuto 210 and parer (2nd drop: $385 shipped) SOLD

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Feb 6, 2015
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Update 3/9, new sale structure: I'm going to make these available only as a set, but I'm dropping the asking price for the set from $415 to $400 now $385 [SOLD], PP G&S, shipped & insured CONUS. Includes original boxes and sayas for both knives.

Acquiring rectangles is costing me an ARM and a leg so I gotta let some stuff go. 😭 These western blazens IMHO are some of the best production westerns ever made and for some reason they are not being made any more. The gyuto has only been used a couple of times to cut like an onion or a potato and looks basically new except for some paper towel scratches in the soft stainless cladding which are exaggerated in the pictures. The paring knife I believe is unused but has similar scratches from cleaning because . . . that's what stainless cladding does. Both knives come with their original boxes and Ryusen sayas.

Gyuto: 210x46, 194g, sg2 at 62 hrc. Very nicely executed grind, especially for a 210. Great F&F, balance, and in-hand feel. I bought this new on BST for $275, asking $250 PP G&S, shipped & insured CONUS.

Parer: 75x22, 64g, sg2 at 62 hrc. Purchased new from JKI for $235, asking $195 PP G&S, shipped & insured CONUS.

Save and buy both knives for $415 now $400 now $385 shipped. [SOLD]

1 - Gyuto - Right Side.jpg

2 - Gyuto - Left Side.jpg

3 - gyuto choil.jpg

4 - Parer - Right Side.jpg

5 - parer - left side.jpg

6 - boxes and sayas.jpg
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Ryusen knives are spectacular and this set is awesome

I feel like there’s half a dozen people I should be tagging on this thread because a lot of people were looking for these.
Wonderful no nonsense performer

Thanks gents. They have a rather businesslike appearance but it's apparent that the production budget was really allocated toward performance and F&F. No cosmetic frills. You can't get a choil shot like that from any other production western as far as I am aware.

That baby saya is one of the cutest knife-related products I've ever seen.

Don't make me feel guilty for putting it up for adoption!
Such a good set. If only that 210 was 54mm height I would be all over both!