Sakai Takayuki grand chef gyuto 210

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Jul 10, 2022
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united kingdom
Hi all, I want a half decent beater knife to leave at work for my team to use and I’m thinking about the knife in the thread title.

The price is right, it ticks boxes in that it’s easy to sharpen and should be durable enough to survive a busy little kitchen but I’m wondering if there’s something else I should look at.
I already leave a 180mm tojiro dp gyuto there which I’m not in love with so don’t really want to buy the 210 version. I find it just a little too thick for my tastes

I’m in the uk so there’s not a great deal of choice for me.

Definitely want a stainless 210 gyuto with western handle.

I suppose top budget would be £150 given that I’m essentially donating it to my workplace to be abused.

Lots of veg prep and a fair bit of meat prep although nothing too detailed.

All of our boards are poly and I keep a 400/1000 cheapo stone and ceramic honing rod at work so can easily sharpen/touch up.

Let me know if there’s anything worth looking at.