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Apr 29, 2011
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Hey there, Knife Knuts......

I operate a sharpening service and have a question for anyone with an answer.

I recently came across a serrated knife with really fine serrations. I don't think it's a very high quality, but how is anyone sharpening these? The serrations are much too small for my Spiderco. Looks like the previous sharpener used a wheel and hollow-ground the back of the knife.

I used the Spiderco on the front like I would with any serrated knife, then lightly matched the hollow ground angle on the back. That gave me a pretty good edge. Just looking to see if anyone has any other methods.



Apr 12, 2011
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I dont have any fancy systems just whetstones. So i put the knife flat on the tables edge, i take my cheapo stone 220 and holding it in hand, i work every serration with strokes away from blade only. Of course i use side of the stone not the stone flat. By turning wrist i get the whole space between teeth producing burr.
Then i switch to 1000 old no-name stone which i nicked from my working place, remove burr gently and do some honing on each serration.
I wouldnt use better-finer stone for serrated knife. I use mine for fresh bread and cakes so i dont devastate it with presure to much. Nor use it all that much.
I guess for small serations you could use the special shaped stones, but still it will require time