sharpening a honesuki and a bread knife?

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Jul 3, 2011
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so i just received a bunch of knives to "finish" my professional set for work.

-tojiro dp honesuki 150mm
-toiro itk 270mm bread knife
-konosuke HD 240mm gyuto
-Gesshin Ginga 210mm petty
-tojiro stainless shears
-hopefully a deba from jon here pretty soon.

anyways i was looking at the honesuki and it looks like the bevel is a 90/10 although i could be wrong, it also looks like the angle is pretty steep like 18-22 somewhere in that range.

does anyone have any advice on whether i should keep it this way?

as for the bread knife im not sure how to sharpen that the ones we have at work we just use a steel or ceramic rod and hold it at the angle wanted and "swipe" it up and down the length of the blade is this the correct way for this type of slicer?


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Feb 28, 2011
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I have both of those tojiros. You can keep the edge where it's at on the honesuki. It is super durable and holds up great.

For the bread knife I dont swipe it on a steel or ceramic rod, except of the flat back side. On the front I take a steel and slot it into each serrated groove one by one and run it up and down. It doesn't take that long. After you are done you should be able to feel a burr on the back. I lay the stone nearly flat on 1200 or so grit stone and knock down the burr. I will cut through some cork to reduce the burr a bit, but the knife makes quick work of wine corks. Sometimes I will go back to the steel and the serrated side if I feel there is still too much burr remaining. It is difficult to remove all of the burr, but it's a bread knife and will still work fine.


Jun 24, 2011
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I will cut through some cork to reduce the burr a bit, but the knife makes quick work of wine corks.

the ITK is on my list for knives. Probably get it some time in September. I could imagine it just shreds right through those corks.

I've never sharpened a bread knife, but johnnychance's method, is consistent to what I've seen on videos and read about.