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Withdrawn Shizu Saburo tamahagane kamisori

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Aug 29, 2018
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It's suppose to say tamahagane on the back near the spine

It feels . . . Oddly hard to abrade. What I mean is . . . It feels resistant, but it still abrases on jnats. I dunno . . . It's weidd. Not carbide wear resistant . . Not glassy hard exactly. Not in a blue steel kinda way . . Different. Kinda like fine rubber glass. Not unlike iwasaki swedish for me, which was supposed to resemble tamahagane. It resembles a tamahagane Kanna blade I had sharpened a whole ago. I've had tamahagane that felt like this before so idk. It does get sharp, but similar to other kamisori, and not as easily hair splitting as iwasaki tamahagane. So I'd say this feels like iwasaki swedish 1/2 toward iwasaki tamahagane. It is comparable to iwasaki swedish though. It does strop and deburr and shave closer to tamahagane, so I'll agree that it's likely tamahagane.

Shizu Saburo -- there's info on the maker online. Supposedly sword smith heritage.

I've had better razors that shave closer but hey, it's tamahagane for cheapish. Even the iwasaki tamahagane I didn't like too much for how it shaved, even though it split hair easily. My metric is ease of cutting hair, not necessarily ease of splitting. But yeah, shaves closest to iwasaki tamahagane of the razors I've tried so far

It's on the used and thinner side of things. The handle is wet a bit from sharpening. . . I don't tend to like handles because they allow rust to form on the tang

These are overpriced on eBay . . . Haha

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