Should I put it on the pavement?

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Apr 23, 2019
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it's Nanohone 200 I repaired a couple of chisels and I need it flat as earth...
SiC and glass/slate/tile. Or just an atoma, flat SiC stone fixer.

For chisels and the like I've moved to diamond plates to do the heavy lifting.
if you have some tools/knives that needs some heavy material repair just use the high parts until it becomes more flat again.
and then flatten it. that way you didn't just waste all that stone.
I agree, I hate wasting stone by 'over flattening' so if you don't need it flat right away try using the ends then flatten. Funny when I sharpen chisels my stone becomes convex...

Otherwise, like the first guy mentioned. SiC stone, powder/plate. Or if going budget concrete will work in a pinch. Then clean up with another stone.
I bought three cheap over sized sic stones and started lapping them. Looks good so far.

It's some work and needs loose grit, but should work in the long run
Loose grit works faster, and for coarser stones leaves a much more aggressive finish. Lapping a hard silicon carbide stone against a coarser one will burnish both of them, giving you a much finer, slower cutting stone.

Not an issue with finer grits, but I flattened my King Deluxe 300 on wet/dry paper and it wouldn't cut worth a hoot until I used loose 60 grit silicon carbide grit and some sandstone I was flattening to refresh it.