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Apr 27, 2020
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There seem to be a decent, and increasing, number of us amateurs doing some reasonable re-handling of knives, so I thought maybe we could have a thread to share our efforts.

For those wanting to show WIP or ask detailed questions probably be best to start a new thread, but give us any pics of finished stuff that may not need a whole seperate post.

Let's put the pros on the other subforum to shame! Show us your sticks...
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I'll get things rolling with my latest two handles...

First a 240mm Ishizuchi Sujihiki. Handle and ferrule from used winemaking oak staves with a spacer from white plastic I found on the beach:



And a 185mm Kosuke Muneishi Bunka. Handle from a a piece of Sheoak firewood, ferrule from some Redgum firewood, and the same plastic spacer:


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Love the bandaid matches the epoxy!

I tend to prefer all wood handles, and no synth, but this looks really good and adds something extra!

Ha! It does indeed. And (irony of ironies) it was this very knife that sliced into my thumb when I was trying to remove a bit of spilt epoxy after installing the blade a couple of days ago.

(EDIT - Oh and thank you! I'm not a big fan of loads of bright colour on handles either, but there's something about that blue that works nicely with this shade of wood when used as highlights. I've done a couple with more blue, and they're a bit in yer face, but a little is good :))
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more pics of the taz please :)

This was actually one of the first handles I made with coloured epoxy used to fill a knot in the wood (it's floorboard offcuts, so there are quite a few knots to play with). Still terrible pictures on my crappy phone camera, but here you go:



I now usually use blue coloured epoxy for this. Here's a very striking one I did a couple of evenings ago, which I rather like and will be keeping for me!


Thank you! really good looking, both the non-coloured and the blue lightning :)