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Feb 25, 2013
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Site Supporting Subscriptions Available

Subject: Subscription - Supporting Member


Advantages: Direct uploading of images from your local computer with no limit, (8x +) the regular member PM limits, member pictures albums available, larger avatar size, and support of KKF

Cost: $30

Term: 1 year

Here are the instructions to make a supporting member payment via Paypal...

1. At the top of the screen click on "Settings"

2. Then see "My Settings"

2a. See "My Account"

2b. Then click on "Paid Subscriptions"

3. Now you should see a box labeled "Available Subscriptions" with an option to purchase the appropriate membership level you wish.

3a. Using the drop down menu provided - select "1Year - US$30"

3b. Now click the "Order" button

4. Now you will see a box labeled "Subscription Payment Method"

4a. Click on the "Order Using Paypal" button

4b. Now you will follow the onscreen instructions through Paypal to complete the transaction.


Underneath some member usernames will be seen a tag (or badge) displayed. Below are the definitions of these identifying items....

= Founders of KKF

= Site Administrator (The Big Boss)

= Global Moderator (Assigned to the Entire Forum)

= Moderator (Local Mod - Assigned to Specific SubForums)

= A Vendor

= A Professional Craftsman (Vendor)

= A Hobbyist Craftsman

= A member who is a current supporting membership subscription holder

= One of the original members who signed up as either a supporting member or vendor/craftsman

= A distinguishing award given to members who have contributed to the quality of KKF by going above and beyond the normal level of contribution in some unique way.
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