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SOLD Smedja Aspen 180 gyuto [price drop]

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Feb 10, 2021
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Stockholm, Sweden
I'm selling my Smedja Aspen 181*50mm, 170g, 62-63 HRC, blended s-grind, roller bearing steel (version of 52100), burned oak handle.

I'm selling it for what I bought I for, Euro/USD: 257 including shipping from Sweden. New price 240 Euro/USD including shipping.

I bought it from this thread:

From original seller:
"The knife has a few interesting characteristics. Both steel and wood are upcycled (old roller bearing, core wood in door/window frames). The knife develops a crazy patina. It’s one of my favorite knives when it comes to the edge it takes and its easy of maintenance on leather strop.

I’ve thinned the blade a bit, and polished the sides."

I'm selling it because I'm moving to a house and need some funds for furniture etc.

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