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WTT Smedja Aspen S-grind Honyaki

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Dec 21, 2020
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Hi, KKF, I'm gonna try something - here goes:

I got this beautiful and very nice Smedja Aspen S-grind honyaki from @DrEriksson about a month ago. It's a very nice knife, with very good cutting abilities and excellent food release - I really do love it. For a long time though, I've been wanting to try a Dalman honyaki S-grind in the 220-225 range. Since nobody seems to want to sell me one ATM, and I'm too slow or unlucky to buy one from @RDalman, I thought maybe someone wanted to try another great swede, and help me out by trading.

The knife is used by me - not every day, as I have other knives, but it has been used at home. It has some absolutely beautiful blue patina, that can be seen in the patina thread. Been touched up on NP3000 once or twice. Condition is the same, basically. Been stored in a drawer on a towel, with a knife guard, coated in tsubaki oil.

SOLD - Smedja Aspen s-grind 220 honyaki gyuto | Kitchen Knife Forums

I paid 550 euros.

Specs are:

223x58 @ 225
26c3, 64-65 HRc

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