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SOLD Snakes Stupid Knife Sale Part 5 Hinoura, Misono, Masakage and Robert Herder 1922

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May 17, 2014
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Hey All,

Having another Snakes Stupid Knife Sale and just figured this is probably the 5th one I've done? Anyways, same rules as always, stupid knife prices, shipping INCLUDED in the prices for all ConUS, sorry no international shipping, just looking for cash on these. Enjoy and feel free to ask any questions, happy to cut a few bucks off if you want a few things. Everything is in great shape, just used lightly. The Yuki is the only one that has had real work done, it's been thinned and shoulders removed, cuts excellently now! Also, the Herder and Hinoura have had the spine rounded off a bit near the pinch. Note these always go fast so best of luck ;)

Hinoura White #1 Stainless Clad Santoku from JCK 170mm = $125.00
Misono Dragon Gyuto 240mm = $100.00
Masakage Yuki Nakiri 165mm = $100.00
Robert Herder 1922 Chefs 7in = $135.00

Knives 1.jpgKnives 2.jpg