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WTS Some rocks and a razor - Tajima remains looking for a new home.

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Apr 5, 2022
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I have a few small stones that I would like to pass on. Numbers top right hand corner. Picked them up to test when I was just getting a taste for Jnats.
Good size for razors, have used 3-6 on my kamisori with good results. Could also be nice nagura or finger stones I guess. All are sealed except the Tajima.

No toxic inclusions.

Shipping comes on top, I would guess around 5€ in the EU the smaller stones, maybe 10€ for the larger. Ships Post Nord EMS - Paypal G+S, if you are in Sweden Swish is possible, DK - Mobile Pay - your choice.

Have a fine weekend.

1. Tajima - 80€
2. Sold to me as "Nakayama Bright Red Pin", very thirsty, self slurries. €40 SOLD
3. Umegahata whetstone - cannot remember the name, fine and cuts fast, razor pre finisher. €30 SOLD
4. Same seller as 3. Umegahata whetstone. Sold as "Okudon suita" €30 SOLD
5. Same seller as 3. Umegahata whetstone. Very fine hard finisher for razors. 30€ Withdrawn
6. Aiiwatani San Lv 4,5, bought from JNS €135 Changed my mind for now, withdrawn.


Solingen razor - not my thing €20 SOLD
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Someone should pick that Taj up stat. If you’re looking for cladding detail - that is an absolute belter of a polishing stone!