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Oct 24, 2016
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It is time for me to let go of some stones I have not been using as much as I should have. I have uploaded pictures of all sides, slurry and finish (on a nice Raquin kiridashi) to the google drive links below.

All prices are listed in both euro (preferred) and US dollar, include paypal fees as per KKF regulations and exclude shipping (USD 20 within the EU, USD 30 outside the EU, more if above 2kg).

Maruka karasu (185x66x22 (thinnest point), 640 gram) – EUR 340 / USD 410

This stone may be the best of the ones listed here. It is quite hard and fine and leaves a bright polish and very polished edge. I got this stone from Otto/Badgertooth, and will surely regret selling this one. I have also included a few of his photos, which are infinitely nicer than I can make.

Pictures: Maruka - Google Drive

Honyama mizu asagi (210x76x30, 2040 gram) – EUR 275 / USD 340

This stone is quite hard and fine, yet still easy to use (supported by the fact that even I can use it). I got this stone from @v647 on Instagram.

Pictures Honyama asagi - Google Drive

Narutaki iromono (198x75x25, 800 gram) – EUR 250 / USD 310

This is a perfect beginner stone. It is quite soft (about lv. 2.5 if I had to guess) and forgiving, easy to use for a simple kasumi. It is also not bad to look at! I got this stone from Carlos/valgard, which should be a testament of its quality.

Pictures: Narutaki Iromono - Google Drive

Aiiwatani Tokusen iromono kiita (190 x 70 x 27, gram) – EUR 200 / USD 240

I got this stone from Otto/Badgertooth. He described it as 'fine, fast, beautiful, clean. Not too hard.' I have also included a few of his photos, which are infinitely nicer than I can make. The stamps are gone though. Original listing here: WTS - Some Stones

Pictures: Aiiwatani - Google Drive


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Dec 20, 2020
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Do you still have any stones left for sale. I’m a newbie but am interested in one, thx