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SOLD Spare MCX Apex Ultra 250mm - Price drop

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Nov 9, 2022
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I've been on a shopping spree and too many knives coming in and not enough going out so here goes. I bought this from @PeterL over a year ago and iirc he never sharpened it and neither did I. I used it for a couple of meals preps and a few test cuts. However I realized it was way too long for me so I never really picked it up over the months. I really like how it looks so I didn't want to sell it but now I don't have a choice anymore.

Description: Spare MCX Apex Ultra
Size: 254 x 57 mm
Spine at heel: ~4.2 mm, middle ~ 1,8mm @1cm before it ~0,6mm
Weight: 196 g
Steel: Monosteel Apex Ultra
Handle: Wa Ebonized Oak, Birchbark, Stainless Steel cap
Geometry: convex
Condition: Used a few times, never sharpened
Edit: forgot to say there is a bit of patina on it (the blade is oiled so it doesn't show on the pictures)

Asking for 450€ 420€+ worldwide shipping

Please DM if you need more pictures, info, videos or offers
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Cleaned up the oil and took a couple pictures of the patina. It's way more blue in reality but I only have artificial light right now :/

Bump with price drop.
It's really an amazing cutter and I'm only letting it go because it's too long. The balance is nice. The steel is supposed to be awesome. It'll be hard to find an Apex Ultra knife that size for that price now
Nice, I'm glad it's sold. I was really tempted.
I have a 26c3 and and apex ultra gyutos from him. fwiw, even though the apex ultra gyuto has thinner geometry, the edge stays keen longer than the 26c3. it's really nice.