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SOLD SS Tanaka x Kyuzo 240 B1

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Ryan Adkins

Supporting Member
Mar 26, 2020
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Greenbank, WA
Hey all!

I’ve got this dreamy knife up for sale today! Arrived at my doorstep with no edge, so I put a quick one on it with a Gesshin 2k and it’s screaming now. The handle on this guy is like no other, and the balance point is blade forward near the steel mark. This knife is a beast, and I’d be keeping it if I didn’t have a new 210 incoming, along with several other recent acquisitions. It was between this and my Kato finding a new home, and this one lost the coin flip, unfortunately.

Specs on Hitohira were a bit different than mine, so including them below;

Spine above heel - 2.9mm
Height - 51.5mm
Length - 229mm
Weight - 218g

Purchased from Carbon for $650, let’s do..

$625 shipped CONUS, $675 INT’l.


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