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Weird Wood Pusher
Jun 13, 2011
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This latest batch that I have added to the web store includes some large blocks of Curly Oregon Maple and extra large blocks of Oregon Maple Burl. Many of the burl blocks will yield 2 normal knife handle size pieces as well as extra space or ferrule material. These were stabilized by K&G Stabilizing.

Click on the photo to go to the store for a closer look at what is available. All of the pieces of stabilized wood shown in the store are available for purchase. When a piece sells, it no longer shows up in the store.

10% discount by using the coupon code forum.
Before checking out be sure to click the link that says view or edit your cart. This is where you can review what has been added to your cart and see how much money you are spending. Toward the bottom of the page you will see a field for a coupon code. Enter the lower case letters forum and then click the GO button. Doing this will apply an additional 10% discount to your order which will be shown in your shopping cart. Now you are ready to check out.

If your order is over $200 after any discounts, the store software will automatically apply another 10% volume discount to your order.

Just a warning:
If more than one person are attempting to buy the same piece the store software will give it to whoever completes check out first. So it is best to add your selections to the shopping cart and check out promptly.

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