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May 26, 2021
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Roland Lannier […] steak knives.
Wife and I lunched today at a restaurant that provided a set very similar to these:

The copy reads:
The tips’ reversed shape minimizes edge contact with the plate, increasing sharpness lifespan

Can confirm – against a regular shallow dinner plate it was impossible to contact any part of the edge besides the tip. Nice design, basically forces diners to draw cut instead of “board contact”.

The server did have to explain the knives carefully, though, pointing out the jimping as where you should place your finger. I can only imagine the incident that led to the need for that spiel.


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Mar 20, 2023
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Pearl of the Orient
Thanks for the replies above. I went ahead with Perceval 9.47. Waited for a while and caught a discount on Perceval's new website, so I'm happy. Went with 3 colours for a bit of a mix and match. Looking at them in person, I might prefer swapping the sky blue with the green for this combo, but it's sitll nice. Took 3 weeks for the knives to be shipped out, but they came quickly once they were shipped.

It wasn't clear (to me) on their website, but the storage box is made of a wood insert, and a sort of thick laminated card board (or wood?) exterior. Different from the orange box I've been seeing, but still very nice (certainly more neutral).

@parbaked - I noticed the logo has been changed from the sword logo on your 888 to a simple "P." on my 9.47 (unless it's different across models/because you have the wooden handle). I think I would've preferred the sword for a bit more of a classic look.

Olive wood is beautiful but the price was getting a bit too high for me. I like the charm of their soft pastel colours too. Here's a few photos and the first meal I've used them for to celebrate their arrival. They cut buttery smooth right out the box. I like the weighting of them and the fact that the metal tang do marginally come out more than the plastic so when you put the knives together, you can hear the solid metal clang between knives rather than the sound of plastic.

I'll need to learn sharpening in due course (pointers/suggestions welcome).

When washing and drying them, I noticed some dark oil (?) getting rubbed off from the 9.47 engraving. Not sure if that's normal?