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Nov 4, 2019
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Selling a couple things that don’t see much use/wanted to try out

Top to bottom

180mm Kohetsu SLD gyuto. Wanted to try out SLD, touched it up on a SG2000, used it for one meal. It’s a really fun little blade with an impressive grind for its price and a nice fit and finish. Asking $100 shipped conus with a saya

Middle two, Kintaro white 210 and 180mm gyutos, bought here:

WTS - / Trade a few Knives

Bought these for my buddy to try out, he’s just a stainless kinda guy after all. Barely saw any use, no sharpening ect. Asking what I paid $150 shipped conus for the pair, not looking to split these, this is a killer deal anyway

Last, 210mm(205x48 176gs)Sukenari AS K tip gyuto. Bought this new from KnS a while back, didn’t like how it performed OOTB so I thinned/sanded it, it’s much better now but I just don’t have any use for it. The heat treat on sukenari AS is pretty killer (65). Paid about $280 with shipping new asking $180 shipped conus

Any additional photos are available upon request

All knives have a box other then the Kohetsu

Thanks for looking!