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WTS Tansu 250mm Gyuto

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Catcheside Fanatic
Jun 6, 2018
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Selling this as I have another shorter Tansu gyuto with a profile I like more. This is a really nice workhorse with an awesome distal taper, food separation is incredible. It has been lightly sharpened once but is still very thin behind the edge.

Edge length : 250mm
Thickness along the spine : :4.7mm above the heel , 2.7mm midway , 1.4mm one inch before the tip , 1 mm one cm before tip
Height : 57mm
Steel: Sanmai 1.2442
Handle: Octagonal figured Arizona ironwood with stabilised marbled buffalo horn and end cap

I'm selling at a discount as there is some patina and some small rust marks that will polish out. 800USD shipped to Australia, 825USD shipped overseas. It comes with the standard Tansu padded case.

Original Listing http://instagr.am/p/B4Bh4zhncqM/