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SOLD Teapot by the famous Jinpachi Ogawa (beautiful white glaze)

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Sep 1, 2021
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Hello Everyone!

I think by now you know I love Jinpachi-san’s work. This time I’m letting go another pot from my personal collection by the famous Jinpachi Ogawa. This one is fully glazed inside and out which means it will be extremely easy to use and look after. Also, you can brew different types of teas; you wont have to stick to one type.

The teapot is fully handmade by Master Jinpachi-san. The colour is lovely cream with a hint of turquoise. Capacity is around 170ml. The pot is very unique as I personally haven’t seen this combo (shape and colour) from Jinpachi-san before. The world famous restaurant Noma (ranked No 1 in the world) used Jinpachi-san’s teapot at a special event in 2015.

The pot is brand new and comes in original wooden box signed by Jinpachi-san.
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