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Bought TF Denka 240

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Dec 31, 2019
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Philly Suburbs
OK....I have been converted. About a month ago I got a 210 Denka. I installed a new handle and started putting it to use at work. It has quickly become one of my "go-to" knife choices. Alas, it is only a 210 and at work I prefer a 240. With the exchange rate so favorable, I have been weighing a direct puchase (and still may) but I figured I would try shaking the trees here first.

I am not looking for anything fancy or BNIB. I honestly don't care whether it is yo or wa handled. My knives all get used, and some times used hard, so signs of use are just fine with me. Maybe you are a cook like me who just didnt take to TF... Maybe you bought one but your interest and collecting focus has changed....Maybe you bought a project and lost interest...Maybe you just can't accept the wabi-sabi....

Reach out! Let's talk!
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