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Jun 6, 2019
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Once you hit the point that your knives don't all fit in the drawer, I guess you have a collection.

Taking stock of what's in the lineup right now, it reflects a pretty solid core of great value Japanese makers (S. Tanaka, Munetoshi, Yoshikane, Ashi), a more rotating set of western makers (A.G. Klint, Prendergast, Dalman, Spare), and my absolute favorite, the Kippington workpony.

PXL_20220306_164703512 - Copy.jpg

Top Row:
CCK1303 mystery carbon slicer: 210x90
Tojiro VG10 parer: 90mm
S. Tanaka ginsan petty: 150x35

Bottom Row:
Munetoshi white #2/iron clad tall petty/mini-gyuto: 175x39
A.G. Klint 14c28n small gyuto: 185x48
Dan Prendergast 52100 small gyuto: 185x44
Yoshikane SKD gyuto: 210x46
Masashi Kemuri SLD gyuto: 210x52
Dalman AEB-L gyuto: 215x49
Fredrik Spare 26c3 honyaki gyuto: 230x52
Dalman-Birgersson Blades silver steel warikomi gyuto: 237x58
Kippington workpony AEB-L gyuto: 245x53
Ashi Ginga white #2 mono sujihiki: 260x34