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Feb 28, 2021
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The Netherlands
Absolutely many small business went under for good. Government lost much of it's tax base they love to tax the tourist. Small business couldn't pay rent & taxes. Largest bakery 150 years in Hawaii closed down for good.

It's true most people don't want to be farmers.
There are programs getting kids to learn to grow gardens, take care of old fish ponds. Some are being put back to use after years of neglect. I totally support these actions. All are local kids many part Hawaiian. That land has to be saved from development. Oahu has actually been losing population because it's too expensive to live here. Most move to mainland USA.
Indeed sad to see that so many businesses went under because of this. Here, from what I get from the news, the amount of businesses going bankrupt is still quite low. Number can go up though, when the governmentsupport stops. This is especially true for bars and restaurants.