This is what I get for not paying attention...

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Kentucky Jeff

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Mar 16, 2011
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Been ate up at work and with our contract coming to an end in May I'm actively seeking new employment. Gotta keep up the cash flow to keep Stephan and Marko and the Dave's in business don't ya know.

But I logged into KF the other day and looked around and nobody was there...


And last week I sent Dave a rehandle project I noticed a link on his company site to this site but it never occurred to me it was a different forum....well Shazam!

So, you guys playing cards?:confused:
Thanks fellas. Is there a thread on what went down on KF? I'm a little out of the loop on this one and not into drama anyhow. But just as a point of reference is there something I can read that will give me some situational awareness?
Good to see you Jeff. Now post some pictures of the Shigies.
Took you long enough! I was starting to worry. Hell, I had a fire in my home, was basically homeless for a few weeks, tried to sell me a roach infested home, no thanks, finally JUST got a new place on Monday, still no internet yet, have all my things in storage with no one to help me move but my wife and 3 small children ... And even I beat you here ... Jeesh! Are you living under a rock? Ok so forums change but I remain a smart ass. Good to see you Jeff!

Bryan (aka Bfromsac)