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Tosagata bocho, Watanabe tara deba, kanisaki deba

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Mar 26, 2011
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Some more oddball knives here. First up is another regional variation of a bunka bocho (home knives). It is a Tosa-style knife from Zakuri in Blue#1 (best steel imo). It has a 170mm cutting edge, and differs from the modern santoku in slightly sleeker profile and overall thin spine. This knife has a chestnut handle and is in great condition (I have not resharpened it).
Tosagata $65 shipped CONUS

Next up is a cool fishworker's deba special ordered from Watanabe called a tarasaki deba (tara = cod fish) in white#2. It has a 210mm cutting edge and a unique choil area that allows solid grip and choking up in a pinch grip if needed. The blade is thinner than a normal deba, but not thin like a Suisin funayuki. It is a very agile deba great for soft fish of all sizes, including salmon. It has a rustic kurouchi finish and is in excellent condition with no rust.
Tarasaki deba $185 shipped

Lastly is a very rare knife that is surprisingly useful for its intended task. It is a Sakai Takayuki Tokujou line 190mm kanisaki deba - a crab knife. It is a right-handed knife, despite the bevel side. It is made this way so that when you slice the sides of crab legs off, the blade wants to curve out away from the inner meat instead of dig down into it. It is quite thick and heavy, and can be used to split and portion crabs, as well. I suppose it could be used as a weird shaped deba by a left-hander too.
Kanisaki deba $185 shipped


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