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SOLD Toyama Blue SS 240mm Gyuto NIB Also a Box set Arkansas sharpening stones??

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Sep 4, 2018
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I WILL SELL THE STONES SEPARATELY. $60.00 SHIPPED Hello making way for some new arrivals. I have for sale one NIB Toyama Blue SS 240mm Gyuto. This is a nice one. The blade path is straight. The reveal, generous and even. The coil and spine are finished clean. My opinion this is one of the knives you want in your line up. I know I am going to regret this. But just by shear unexpected happenstance, one of my long awaited Unicorns has found me.
Blade Specs
Blade Height 54.9mm
Blade length tip to heel 240mm
Blade spine out of the handle 4.1mm At the heal 3.2mm Midway 2.3 About the blade sory 1.6mm Tip .04mm.

If possible I would like to ad a Box set of Arkansas Sharpening stones like new very little use, these are 8x2 perfect size for drawers and limited counter space. These came to me in a trade. I did try them on a couple of full progressions. Very nice draw great feedback. These are a great choice not a compromise.
Box 1 Surgical Black around 3000 grit
Box 2 1000 to 1200 grit
Box 3 400 to 600 grit . Please excuse me, but there is always a little discrepancy with the grit on these.

Just the knife $405.00 shipped CONUS

If you are interested please send me a PM


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That's a great set. Arks are well matched to simple steel like blue 2, and the edge is thin enough you'll be able to maintain for a while on these.

Those mottled soft arks are under appreciated. If you lap them on sand paper ever so often (just a minute on 60-220 grit paper) they'll cut quickly enough to keep things moving, and develop minimal burr, so you don't spend as much time deburring.

Good luck! I have everything in this post already, and I'm keeping it. This'll make someone happy.
I have these amazing Toyama/Watanabes in 150, 210, and 270. I bet 240 hits a real sweet spot. I have other knives that cut as well, but none that cut better. GLWS, it sounds like. it might go to my good friend @benjidub! 🤞
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