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SOLD Toyama Stainless Clad Nakiri 210 with Blonde Ferrule Handle

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Oct 2, 2019
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Bought it new from JNS last year. Installed a blonde ferrule handle with hot melt glue. Used lightly and sharpened on a 3000-grit stone once. Patina removed.

There are some very light blemish on the back side but I didn’t do it. That’s how the knife was shipped from JNS. You should be able to see it from the 2nd picture.

Asking for $400 plus shipping. $380 plus shipping. $360 plus shipping.

205mm*65mm (the spine is 215 mm long from heel to tip)
249 gram; balanced much forward
Spine is 4.8 mm thick at handle, 2.05 mm in the middle and 1.9 mm thick at “tip”


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Seems like a lighter example, which is a good feature IMO... mine weights 280g with the standard JNS handle.
Yes the JNS handle is super long and probably heavier. The balance of this knife now feels like a Chinese cleaver.

I got the iron clad version, super fun cutter, would recommend this to any rectangle enthusiast.
The stainless clad Toyama is usually thinner behind the edge than iron clad ones. Definitely the sharpest rectangle knife I've ever used.
I have a carbon clad version of this. It is a cool and unique knife. It is a beast!
Ooof what a stunner, would be all over it if it was a bit shorter