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l r harner

Mar 6, 2011
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have a request for a whole set in iron wood but its calling for some good sized chunks
need blocks for shave lather mug, soap bowl with lid, razor, brush handle and strop handle

thouhgt i woudl ask out here and not in PM cause other might like to know if you have bigger blocks that are not always shown on the store front or that maybe you can find stuff liek this now and then if tey need it


edit to add i dont know how i puta thumbs donw in the header and woudl like oit gone (sorry )
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Burl Source

Weird Wood Pusher
Jun 13, 2011
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A lot of my wood starts as whole burls and then I cut them into the size pieces i need so It is usually not a problem cutting larger chunks.
If anyone needs larger pieces they can PM, email, call or post their request here.
For unusual sized stabilized pieces there will usually be about 1 month turnaround time because I will need to cut then send the wood to K&G.

As for the ironwood,
I still have some uncut pieces (not burl)
Let me know the dimensions you need and I might be able to help.