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Thanks for sharing Jon.
5000 is a lot of money, and I hope it helps them back on their feet.

He should offer a special collecter edition and presell them :) The disaster is over, and he needs to focus on bizznizz and the future :)
The disaster is not over at all. There was a 7.0 earthquake on Monday and all kind of other aftershock quakes.
Thanks for the update. They still have a ways to go, but it's good to see they're working on getting their lives back to some kind of working order.
yeah... some knives soon ;)

Heiji is back to knife making at least part time... the rest of the time he and his son are spending fixing up their place. He sent pictures of a wall that has HUGE cracks in it. All of the money we sent over is being used for construction, putting their place back together.
Maybe this belongs somewhere else but has he replaced/fixed all of his equipment yet?
he has working equipment right now, but still some things need repair. Anyways, as i said before, he's back to functionally making knives, though at a slightly slower rate as he has to work on construction too. Anyways, we've got some heiji knives in the mail to us already ;)