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SOLD Vintage 210 KU Sakai deba

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Aug 29, 2018
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210mm edge
62mm tall
494 g
11mm spine at handle
Octagonal handle with buffalo horn

Geez. Awesome deba. White 2 steel, with better bite than unshu yukimitsu and almost at the level of nagahiro. Deburrs super easily and to a hair killing edge. Supposed to have been made by a retired deba-specialist in Sakai. One of the rare deba with a really thick spine, at the handle. It's common for deba to get thinner at the handle, and thickest at the choil, which makes it harder to straighten. Some low spots at tip and in front of heel. Steel hardness is deba steel . . . So uh, softer than you guys seem to like, but excellent. Maybe 60? Cool horizontal grind marks on the blade face where the KU is. I hate working on deba, they always have something up. This one came to me with warping from age, where the original uraoshi became a kind of back microbevel. I had to take of 1-2mm of height and reprofile the edge and spine. Hammering didn't do anything productive . . . In fact I snapped off 2mm of the tip and got to look at the grains structure too. Not the finest but then again, the tip survived a LOT of hammering on an anvil before snapping. The tip had a compound microbevel on the back that I had to take out. Again, painful, and would have been easier with a powered grinder. Deba tip repairs .... Lots of iron to remove. Straightened the knife. Wide bevel sharpened and set an edge. Grind is thinner at the heel compared to the tip. Spine is rounded in a cool multifacet way by the blacksmith. Iyoto fingerstone finish

I got it new old stock, and was gonna sell it that way, but it wasn't quite usable, so I always try to work on stuff. Handle looks new, while the blade looks old.





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