WTS Vintage Henckels Bone Cleaver w/ wood handle

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Feb 15, 2018
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More dust shaking...
$80 (shipped conus)
Vintage Henckels Cleaver, carbon steel w/ wood handle (unsure of the wood--very light, so holly or some such? It's not maple or beech. any ideas?). Nice clamshell convex. Not quite sure of value on this one, as I've never seen one before, but I think is a good ballpark considering shipping is $~15.

length: 152mm
height: 67mm at heel, 82mm at tip
weight: 546g
spine thickness for all of blade: 4.5mm

I suspect this one might be NOS--if not, hasn't seen noticeable use. Got this off the bay a decade ago. There were no signs of use on the blade (but patina from being stored). It got more patina from beer bottles—still can’t recall how that happened, but… and the varnish on the handle is peeling off in spots and there is some slight separation of one of the scales where it joins the heel. Good candidate for a refinish and would look great. Bought this one just to have since I’d hadn’t seen a Henckels cleaver with a wood handle like this. Selling because I’ve come to terms with never needing to use a bone cleaver.
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