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Nov 20, 2014
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Maui, Hawaii
I recently had a trip to california to go to disneyland with my girlfriend and her sisters. The day we landed was the day we were gonna check in. So from LA to anaheim, we decided to take a stop at jki because ive been emailing jon about upgrading my stones. Upon arriving jon asked if i wanted to try the stones out to have a feel for them but i was too shy to try. Lol although he was helping another customer he offered water. Great hospitality. Along purchasing wonderful stones i told him we were visiting from hawaii and he told me to email about food spots to hit up. Got the list and there was over 300 places to eat in cali. Jon, thank you for the knowledge on stones, knives and also thank you for being top knotch in customer service and always replying to emails. I still need to make a review on your site for the stones. Lol so far its been awesome! Razor sharp edge on my knife! Gotta come drop by again and bring home a knife haha


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