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Withdrawn / want to borrow - Kippington laser 225ish

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probably up too late sharpening again
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Dec 15, 2017
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Traditionally more of a workhorse guy, but want to broaden horizons and try something more whispy than I typically go for. Want to jump straight to the best and that’s Kippington - I learned a lot from my work pony from him and want to repeat that process with a laser.

In an ideal world, and I know this is a huge ask, I’d like to borrow someone’s for a week or two just to study and make some test cuts (nothing crazy). Willing to be creative in terms of making that arrangement worth your while in terms of sharpening / polishing or other knives, finger stones to be gifted, etc.

Also willing to buy if price is right.
Great choice....I think I may have the most lasery laser from Kip...Used her today and am always amazed at how it falls through food.