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Aug 29, 2017
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Pacific Northwest
I saw the watch thread, but thought this might be a better place to gather opinions?

I’m looking for:
$500ish (I know, I know, get ready for more)
Screw down crown/100m
Clear back
Not a dive watch
Not huge
I’ve had two Seikos in the past, both started losing time or just stopped ticking in under 5 years. I’m tempted to give this one more try, but would also like to know what else is out there. Totally ignorant of the field.

also considering Vaer, which seems to tick my boxes

the other option is getting my grandfather’s Accutron Astronaut repaired, but I’m a fan of automatics, and the memory lives on whether it ticks or not. Anyone have an opinion on these?
I'm finding happiness with Citizen Eco-Drive in the price range you want. I'm not (AND WILL NOT BE) going down the watch rabbit hole but have 4 now (and room in the requisite watch box for two more....).

The watch knerds will be along shortly, I always enjoy their offerings. @RockyBasel
Several years ago I bought a very nice Bell & Ross for nearly $4K, wore it on and off for a couple of years and sold it on eBay for $1800. Doesn't work like knife resale, that's for sure!

Given how easily I fall down rabbit holes, I am very happy I apparently don't have the watch bug too.
I have a Bulova I really like 35mm face. Unfortunately it got marks in the crystal recently from our aluminum screen door frame. So maybe I was sold a knock off lol... Or it scraped a screw... Hopefully can buff out. So many projects so little time... Also just needs a general cleaning...
I'd keep the old Bulova safe, as it's a heirloom. And would hate to see getting it repaired to really get damaged somehow. Like you said the sentiment is there whether working or not.

But +1 for a Bulova, but been a while since watch shopped so not sure if they carry ones with those specifics. Like the clear back.
Seiko's are *usually* super accurate. Although I did have bad luck with one of their divers. I also bought a Chinese clone of a Swiss movement that had been upgraded by a Korean company(Tisell) that I like a lot.